Eduweb College: a New Way of Learning for the Caribbean Community

As the world speeds past the Industrial Age, it’s due time for classrooms to keep up. From schoolroom to boardroom, Eduweb can teach you and yours exactly what you need to thrive in this new era. If we don’t have a plan that suits you, we make it — plain and simple.

Individual Attention

(Extremely) Small class sizes allow instructors to identify and target which skills you need to focus on most, and can adapt the pace to meet your specific needs, give you immediate feedback, and closely monitor your progress.

At Your Own Pace

Instead of attending rigidly scheduled class times, you can log in and view your lessons at home or any other location with Internet access, 24/7. 365. Enjoy the benefits of Blended classrooms – flexibility and convenience. Perfect.

Online Lesson Review

No more worrying about not taking enough notes! Review lectures, have discussions on the forums and even watch video tutorials at your leisure. You can even share notes and work on home assignments with your fellow students in our Private Lesson Groups.


Tailor Made Education

There’s no need to waste your time re-learning what you already know when you can spend it perfecting the skills you wish to gain. Every course you see is a starting point. If you need more, or less, we will ensure you get just what you want.



For Individuals:

  • Browse the Course Directory

    Click here to view our current course offerings.
  • Take a sample lesson

    Most of our courses come with a free preview or video. Check it out to see if its content is right for you.
  • Choose your mode of learning

    Choose the course that best fits your schedule. Classroom-based and online classes are often available for the same course. If you need special instruction or want to focus on a specific topic or two, you'll have the chance to say so at checkout.

Nigel Polar

Chief Executive Officer

Nadia Hosein

Manager of Customer Services/Quality Systems

Zubaidah Ali

Administrative Assistant, Instructor

Kevan Sinanan

Web Developer, Chief Technology Officer

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